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Safety Entrance - Weapons Detection | Isotec

  • Use

    Safety entrance, weapons detection/weapon control, entry door
  • Applications

    Educational, healthcare, institutional, commercial, offices, public building
  • Characteristics

    Single or double lane entrance, low maintenance, durable
  • Colors

    ​White, bronze, silver, beige, black (standard) + any custom color; semi-gloss powder coating
  • Sizes

    Height 90”, Width 64”, Depth 98”
  • Certification

    Material warranties dependent on parts- up to a lifetime, Qualified Anti-Terrorist Technology designated by the Department of Homeland Security

More about this product

This Weapons Detection Security Entrance system from Isotec provides weapon detection and promotes violence prevention. The sensitive detection system can identify weapons larger than assault rifles and handguns, as well as small items such as razor blades. If the system detects a weapon or threat, the system denies entry. This isolation technology comes with a standard anti-attack glass that can be upgraded up to UL Level 8 which provides extra protection for staff, visitors, security personnel, and law enforcement. With several custom options and limitless potential combinations. including being available in a single or double lane configuration, his solution can be used in any industry.

This model is great for any new building or can be retrofitted into any existing building that needs stronger security. The flexibility in both looks and detection ability makes it an appropriate choice for public fronts, especially financial institutions and municipal buildings.

Features and benefits:

  • Low maintenance
  • Retrofit capabilities
  • Economical
  • Wide choice of colors & finishes
  • Custom build & additions
  • Durable & long-lasting

Security Options:

  • Metal Detector - Models and detection sizes are suited for each project's particular needs. Whether the threat is as small as a pocket knife or as large as an assault rifle, a metal detector can pick up on the threat and isolate it within the unit.
  • Bullet Resistant Glass- Starting at the nonballistic anti-attack glass, Isotec can integrate up to UL Level 8 bullet resistant glass. Anti-spalling and anti-warp, this glass can also be treated with tints and mirroring to better match a facility’s design without compromising safety.
  • X-ray- Working simultaneously with the mantrap, x-rays can be added for a speedy additional level of security. The items and the person are checked for weapons at the same time, isolating the person if need be for safety.
  • Millimeter Wave Detector - The highest level of discrimination belongs to the millimeter-wave detector. Commonly seen in airports, objects of nearly any size can be noticed, down to a flash drive. Efficient and precise, this add-on offers security in the face of virtually any weapon.
  • Left Object Detection (LOD) - Through the use of infrared and cameras, this supplemental addition has the potential to see any object left in the booth and keep the suspect inside until the items are retrieved or recognized as safe.

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