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Stone Cladding - Ceppo di Gré | Marini Marmi

  • Use

    Wall cladding
  • Applications

    Interior, exterior, high transit areas, floorings and facades
  • Characteristics

    Frost resistance, no slippery, acid and weathering resistant
  • Format

    Slabs, ornamental stones
  • Colors

    Light grey, 10 finishes
  • Sizes

    Cut to size customized, from 2 cm of minimum thickness
  • Certification

    CE marking

More about this product

Ceppo di Gré is a porous, heterogeneous natural stone with a very homogeneous chemical composition. It is gray/blue in color ranging from light to dark tones. The morphology and size of the clasts are variable and irregularly distributed. The individual elements’ dimensions vary from a few centimeters to a few decimeters, giving the rock a typical rough appearance and guaranteeing that each slab is a unique piece.

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