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Upholstered Wooden Chair - icon 1-343 | horgenglarus
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Upholstered Wooden Chair - icon 1-343 | horgenglarus

  • Use

    Interior furniture
  • Applications

    Residential, hospitality
  • Characteristics

    3D upholstered seat, back, rear legs and seat frame of solid bentwood
  • Sizes

    W43, D49, H82, SH47

More about this product

Icon is the modern interpretation of the classic from horgenglarus, a Swiss icon of the traditional wooden chair, which has been in production since 1918. Icon transports the classic aesthetics of the pub chair into the 21st century. Its matured primeval form is a contemporary version for modern buildings made from glass, steel, or concrete.

Icon is extremely comfortable, presenting itself with fresh proportions and a dynamic look. The seat gains in ergonomics thanks to its tapered seat frame front, strong and bent rear legs, and a more pronounced sweep to its backrest. The front of the backrest is lightly rounded and straight at the back. The legs are more angular, making the chair look upright. The slightly more compact dimensions lend an air of harmony.

With subtle details, Studio Hannes Wettstein has created a timeless wooden chair with a lightweight shape. You can easily sit on it for a long time, whether at home or in hotels and restaurants. In 2012, icon was launched on the Designers’ Saturday, accompanied by the "A sky full of Music Boxes" sound installation.

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