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Privacy Booth - BuzziRing | Buzzispace

  • Use

    Temporary work or meeting space
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Acoustic, versatile, wall-mounted, compact
  • Colors

    BuzziRing: Choice of fabrics and colors | Worktop: Antwerp Oak, white, black
  • Sizes

    Length: 90,6 cm / 35.67” | Width: 80,6 cm / 31.73” | Height: 113,8 cm / 44.80”
  • Certification

    Light: CE/CB, cULus Listed E473379

More about this product

BuzziRing from BuzziSpace is a wall-mounted, compact and, temporary work or meeting space designed with open-plan offices in mind. BuzziRing provides acoustic attenuation as the upholstered-foam body can absorb the sound waves from crowded environments and prevent them from bouncing back into the room. BuzziRing comes with a built-in table, a light, and two USB ports for charging. There is an optional plexiglass screen that can provide a sanitary barrier within the unit.

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