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American Oak by ASH | Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH)
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American Oak by ASH | Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH)

  • Use

    Interior wood
  • Applications

    Staircase components, benchtops and panels, windows and doors, lining, solid flooring, custom moulding, furniture and joinery
  • Characteristics

    Easy to work/cut/stain/build, crown cut, straight line edged, fault docked, stain to suit your needs

More about this product

Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH) supplies Australia with a sustainable supply of America's most popular hardwood -American Oak-. The attractive hardwood is processed in Victoria, handpicked by region and colour, graded and packed to meet Australian manufacturer’s requirements.

Hardwood Packs

Since it is processed in Australia, all American Oak by ASH is graded to ‘Australian Standards’ and processes. Packs are supplied in manageable ~1.5m cubic metre packs, set width x set thickness x random lengths, straight-line cut after drying and defect docked. The process results in an improved price, and a well-graded, straight and stable hardwood product with no grade surprises that is fit for Australia’s volume markets and accessible to everyone.


American Oak by ASH is a sustainable timber that has seen an increase in the growth of trees by 130%. The PEFC controlled hardwood is carefully selected to ensure the best sustainability practices are met. American Oak is usually grown on longer rotations, is selectively harvested, and it takes 0.57 seconds to grow 1m3.

1069kg per cubic metre of American Oak is stored carbon. Compared to other building materials or softwood, this is far more helpful for life-cycle assessment and embodied energy considerations.


Colour Blonde to light brown
Grain Straight open and even-grained and coarse-textured
Moisture content Medium-density 730 KG/m3
Janka 6.0 kN
Stability High (back sawn)
Cutting Very Good
Bending Medium bending strength
Glueing Very Good
Lyctus susceptible Yes
Nail holding Very Good
Durability Above ground – Class 3


  • Straight line edged
  • Set dimensioned
  • Crown cut
  • Fault docked
  • 20% waste saving
  • Gauged to thickness
  • Small packs
  • Sustainable resource
  • Machines well
  • Select grade
  • Blonde
  • Stains well

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