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The modern Carmo sofa is a real show-stopper with its cubic look, perfectly accentuated by exclusive piping details. Don’t be fooled by the straight lines, this sofa is a dream to sit on. Though small in size, this 2 seater sofa is big on style and will perfectly fit a small living room or lounge area.

Height: 70 cm
Width: 189 cm
Depth: 93 cm
Seating height: 42 cm
Armrest height: 70 cm
Legs height: 5 cm
Seats: 2

Composition: corrected leather, 20% natural grain, 0,9 mm thick (average), 80% wool, 20% polyamide, or 100% polyester
Leg: polypropylene
Armrest: Top: 35 kg/m3 CMHR foam. Inside: 35 kg/m3 CMHR foam. Outside: 35 kg/m3 CMHR foam
Back: 35 kg/m3 CMHR foam, 27 kg/m3 CMHR foam
Frame: Solid pine, particleboard, plywood, hardboard
Seat: 35 kg/m3 CMHR foam and 27 kg/m3 CMHR foam / HS
Suspension: Nozag springs
Fabric lining: Non-woven fabric (120g/m2), non-woven fabric (80g/m2), treton cotton fabric

Leg: lacquered

Leg: Black lacquered

Lux Felt, Leeds, Nani, Bristol, Matera, Easynabuk, Mojave, Roma, Sazza, Bari, Frisco, Velvet, Napoli, Firenze, Verona

Bahia, Salto, Estoril, Chester, York, Colorado, Sienna

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