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Acoustic Wall Panels - SoftScreen® | Arktura

  • Use

    Space partition, acoustic attenuation, room dividers, privacy screens, decoration
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Acoustic attenuation, versatile, flexible, carbon-neutral production, recyclable, made partially from recycled PET, customizable, easy installation
  • Format

    Wall attachment, cable hung, track mount
  • Colors

    16 standard colors & 8 wood textures
  • Sizes

    4’(w) x 8’ (h) x 1/2” (d) (3/4” w/ Channel)
  • Certification

    Fire Rating: ASTM E84 - Class A
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More about this product

SoftScreen® acoustic wall panels from Arktura make it easy to dramatically define spaces and aesthetics while reducing the impact of noise. Made from Arktura’s high-performance sound attenuating Soft Sound®️ material, SoftScreen® panels are available in a variety of patterns and colors - including wood textures – which are all able to be mixed and matched as desired. Choose from a number of install options, including direct mount, cable suspension, or sliding with Arktura’s track and trolley system.

SoftScreen® Features:

  • Versatility - SoftScreen® offers a library of patterns and visual options to open up endless creative possibilities, and be adaptable to any design vision.
  • Acoustical System - SoftScreen® partitions are made from Arktura’s acoustic Soft Sound® material, to help bring noise control to any space
  • Flexible Attachments & Hardware - SoftScreen® is designed to be flexible and adaptive to unique project requirements eg; static (direct or suspended) or sliding.
  • Easy Installation - Easy-to-follow installation instructions provide a clear path to success for any project.
  • Quick Ship Product – Preconfigured solutions are dispatched swiftly to meet project deadlines
  • Performance & Sustainable Practices - Arktura’s materials have a high proportion of recycled content and are fully recyclable.

Standard Panels:

SoftScreen® panels are a beautiful, colorful, acoustic solution offered in a variety of Arktura’s popular patterns and wood textures. Half solid patterns can be rotated to have the upper or lower portion open or closed. Groove patterns add surface texture while providing a solid barrier.

Installation Options:

Arktura | SoftScreen® | Wall Attachment Arktura | SoftScreen® | Cable Hung Arktura | SoftScreen® | Track
Wall Attachment Cable Hung Track

SoftScreen® Family:

SoftScreen® Groove Straight SoftScreen® Groove Angled SoftScreen® Frequency
Arktura | SoftScreen® - Rain
SoftScreen® Solid SoftScreen® Stellar SoftScreen® Rain
Arktura | SoftScreen® - Trace Arktura | SoftScreen® - Slant
SoftScreen® Trace SoftScreen® Stack SoftScreen® Slant
SoftScreen® Cora SoftScreen® Alcazar SoftScreen® Glimmer

Standard Colors - Color Group A :

Arktura | SoftScreen® - Standard Colors

Wood Textures:

Arktura | SoftScreen® - Wood Texture

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