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Desk Partitions - WorkScreen™️ | Arktura

  • Use

    Desk partition, workplace screen
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Social distancing, privacy, safety, flexible, comfortable, cleanable, lightweight, durable, acoustic attenuation, anti-mircrobial, flexible attachments, easy installation
  • Sizes

    12mm Soft Sound®. 6mm Corrugated Fiberboard

More about this product

The WorkScreen™️ Desk Partitions from Arktura have been designed and built specifically to address the need for social distancing measures in workplaces and home spaces. These desk partitions address privacy and safety concerns while remaining flexible, comfortable and cleanable, and enhancing the character of a workplace. The three affordable and elegantly designed, modular desk partition solutions – Petals, Ridge, and Glide are available in two material options; PET Soft Sound® is lightweight and durable with high-performance acoustic properties to enhance comfort through noise reduction it is available with an anti-microbial option. The finished corrugated fiberboard version is more affordable, yet durable

Both of these systems help create calm semi-enclosed workspaces that limit direct air currents and provide tools for comfort, privacy, and safety. Petals, Ridge, and Glide channel Arktura’s years of excellence in architectural manufacturing, in combination with the company’s early roots in furniture, to deliver thoughtfully designed human-centric solutions. While designed for shared spaces, they are equally adaptable to the home office, allowing you to create a private space in any setting.

Arktura | Desk Partition - Petals Arktura | Desk Partition - Ridge Arktura | Desk Partition - Glide
Petals Ridge Glide

The Petals desk partition line offers a biophilic inspired solution featuring a variety of layered shapes that break up the monotony of traditional screening. Its modular form makes it scalable to nearly any workstation. Ridge offers a similar approach, with a layered modular design inspired by landscapes, to create a subtle sense of calm yet playfulness from the typical workspace. Glide meanwhile is the more minimalist of the three, offering a simple yet elegant way to envelop a workstation, available in 3 adjustable sizes.

All designs are available in Soft Sound® which is made from non-toxic, and fully recyclable PET. Soft Sound® delivers high performance sound attenuation by creating a barrier from surrounding workstations and walkways, to reduce noise and preserve one’s personal space. The WorkScreen™️ Desk Partitions combine well with Arktura's existing SoftScreen™️ line of wall panels, also built from Soft Sound®, to tie together an entire space and further reduce the impact of common office nuisances, like noise from clicking keyboards and ringing phones.

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