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Switches - Logus 90 | Efapel

  • Use

    Light switches, temperature control, motion detectors, electrical blinds control, dimmers, data sockets, RJ45 connectors, telephone sockets, radio, tv and satellite sockets, energy sockets, multi media sockets
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Flexible, adaptable
  • Format

    Base, Aquarella, Animato, Crystal, Metallo, Arbore, Petra
  • Colors

    White, beige, yellow, green, blue, orange, red, grey, silver, gold, black

More about this product

The Logus 90 range of switches from Efapel demonstrates a high degree of flexibility with a mix-and-match arrangement between control devices, rockers and cover plates. There are a wide variety of control devices that suit a multitude of uses.

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