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Acoustic System - BASWA Natural | BASWA acoustic

  • Use

    Acoustic insulation
  • Applications

    Walls and ceilings
  • Characteristics

    Two-layer systems; surface quality Standard <Q2> / maximum <Q3>; fire classification: B-s1-d0 flame-retardant; density: 102 kg/ m3; water vapour diffusion resistance: 2.02 µ; thermal conductibility 36 mm panel : 0.041 W / m*K
  • Format

    60 x 80 cm
  • Presentation / packaging

    EURO- pallets
  • Colors

    Standard color ~ NCS S 0500-N; comprehensive color selection (BASWA Colors, NCS, RAL)
  • Sizes

    Thickness: 36 mm; grain size of the base layer BASWA Base = 0.7 mm; grain size of the final layer BASWA Fine = 0.5 mm
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More about this product

BASWA Natural is an acoustic system for ceilings and walls which combines sustainability and sound absorption.

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