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Emulsion Paint - Vitalux 9000 | Brillux

  • Use

    Interior wall and ceiling coverings
  • Applications

    Specially designed for sensitive areas, such as children's play or bedrooms, nursery schools, schools
  • Characteristics

    Low emission, solvent- and plasticizer-free, good hiding power, consumption of approx. 120-140 ml/m² for each coat, easy to apply, suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Colors

    Dull matt white, additional color shades without preservatives are available as factory-made tinting
  • Certification

    Preservative-free confirmed by TÜV SÜD
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More about this product

Vitalux 9000 is a high-quality interior emulsion without preservative, making it ideal for sensitive areas such as children's rooms or bedrooms, as well as nurseries, schools, among other applications. 

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