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Clinker Brick Slips - Wasserbrand | Ströher

  • Use

    Facing brick
  • Applications

    Interior and exterior, suitable for insulation systems
  • Characteristics

    Resistant to chemicals, fede-free and colourfast, glow and fireproof, completely frost-resistant, easy maintenance and hygienic, weatherproof
  • Format

    Brick slips in DF size, corner and lintel angles
  • Colors

    White, beige, grey
  • Sizes

    DF: 240 x 52 x 12 mm
  • Certification

    In compliance with DIN EN standards
  • Guarantee

    25 years

More about this product

Wasserbrand clinker brick slips are hygienic, weatherproof, easy to maintain and suitable for insulation systems.

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