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LED Projector Lumenbeam Grande | Lumenpulse

  • Use

    Lighting architectural exteriors and facades
  • Characteristics

    6,442 lumens, 583,070 candelas at nadir, LED lifetimes from 80,000 to 250,000 hrs (L70 at 25°C), 100 W power consumption, corrosion-resistant option, optics and distributions for all occasions, replaceable components and drivers
  • Format

    24 lbs
  • Colors

    Black Sandtex®, Bronze Sandtex®, Silver Sandtex®, Smooth white, Textured black, Textured bronze non-metallic, Textured medium grey, Textured green, Textured white, custom colors and finishes
  • Sizes

    13 3/8 x 18 3/4 x 5 3/4
  • Certification

    UL, CE, CEII
  • Guarantee

    Standard 5-year warranty for complete assembly
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More about this product

The Lumenbeam Grande is a high-performance luminaire suitable for outdoor use and facade lighting. It has numerous options including optics for flood or accent lighting; a choice of colour temperatures and colours; various mounting options, accessories, spread lenses and controls.

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