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Revit LT - BIM Software | Autodesk

  • Use

  • Applications

    Visualize and communicate 3D designs
  • Characteristics

    Create 3D orthographic or perspective views, use real-world materials, ready-to-use content available for architectural models, automatically create building component schedules, material takeoff helps verify material quantities for cost estimates, swap files with users of any Revit product
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More about this product

Revit LT™ BIM (Building Information Modeling) software from Autodesk is used to create high-quality 3D architectural designs and documentation. The model-based environment is designed to help the transition to BIM.

The Online Revit Courses for Beginners and Experts is a good way to get started with Autodesk Revit and once you are modeling, BIM objects from our catalog will come in infinitely handy.

Standardize BIM Workflow for Efficiency

  • Simplify project processes by standardizing on BIM workflows
  • Automate workflows to improve design quality and reduce risk
  • Stay on track with comprehensive planning and project scheduling

Why use BIM

  • Qualify for projects requiring BIM deliverables
  • Offer clients insight into your designs with 3D modeling and visualization of projects
  • Exchange designs with other Revit and AutoCAD software users

The online Revit courses for beginners and experts is a good way to get started with AutoDesk Revit and once you are modeling, BIM objects from ArchDaily catalog will come in infinitely handy.

How to Subscribe

Revit LT software is available with a subscription only. You can subscribe online for a monthly, yearly, or three-year plan. Get more information and subscribe to Revit LT. By subscribing you can access the latest software, worldwide access (at home or when traveling), and quick technical support, among other benefits.

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