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BIM 360 - Construction Management Software | Autodesk

BIM 360 - Construction Management Software BIM 360 - Construction Management Software BIM 360 - Construction Management Software BIM 360 - Construction Management Software
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  • Applications

    Digital design and planning
  • Characteristics

    Integrate software, lifecycle management, centralized project information, construction management
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More about this product

BIM 360 is a unified platform from Autodesk that is used to connect project teams and data in real-time, starting from design through to construction. The software supports informed decision-making and creates more predictable and profitable outcomes in construction.


  • Design Collaboration
    Securely co-author BIM designs in real-time and streamline deliverable coordination.
  • Coordination
    Leverage BIM coordination and collaboration to accelerate reviews and identify and resolve clashes earlier.
  • Constructability
    Use constructability review software to support design reviews, version comparison, and issue resolution.
  • Document management
    Streamline construction document management by using a single, cloud-based platform for organizing, distributing, and sharing files.
  • Quality management
    Standardize on a proactive QA/QC process with construction quality management software.
  • Safety management
    Work toward proactively preventing incidents by capturing both positive and negative safety observations.
  • RFIs and submittals
    Streamline management of RFIs and submittals that meet contractual obligations.
  • Reporting and analytics
    Gain a deeper understanding of project performance, prioritized daily activities, and root causes.

Construction Management

To control costs and stay on schedule, BIM 360 helps to reduce risk, improve quality, deliver projects on time and on budget, predict safety hazards, proactively manage quality, automate tasks, and reduce rework.

Centralized Information

Decision making is improved and accelerated since teams are connected and project outcomes can be predicted. Centralizing project data means that information can be accessed easily and in real-time, anywhere, so decisions can be made and tracked in the field.

Project Lifecycle Management

The same platform takes a project from design to construction with controlled worksharing to enable multidisciplinary teams to co-author shared Revit models, visualize updates, and manage design data.


Autodesk BIM 360 data and workflows can be connected with 70+ software integrations.

How to Subscribe

BIM 360 software is available with a subscription only. You can subscribe online for a monthly, yearly, or three-year plan. By subscribing you can access the latest software, worldwide access (at home or when traveling), and quick technical support, among other benefits. Get more information and subscribe to BIM 360.

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