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Civil 3D - Civil Infrastructure Software | Autodesk
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Civil 3D - Civil Infrastructure Software | Autodesk

  • Use

    Civil infrastructure design and documentation software
  • Applications

    Digital drafting, design, and construction documentation
  • Characteristics

    Collaborate in BIM 360, GIS integration, work in-model with ArcGIS model, workflows improved by automation

More about this product

Civil 3D® civil engineering design software from Autodesk supports BIM (Building Information Modeling) and contains integrated features that improve drafting, design, and construction documentation.

Software Collaboration

Multidisciplinary project teams can use collaborative software Autodesk BIM 360 to manage data that streamlines the coordination of deliverables, helps to visualize changes, and manage issues and markups in a common data environment.


GIS integration and automation lead to advanced workflows; working with ArcGIS data is possible to do directly in a Civil 3D design model. On top of this, automation helps to expedite the completion of repetitive tasks.

How to Subscribe

Civil 3D software is available with a subscription only. You can subscribe online for a monthly, yearly, or three-year plan. By subscribing you can access the latest software, worldwide access (at home or when traveling), and quick technical support, among other benefits. Get more information and subscribe to Civil 3D.

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