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Silestone and Dekton in Nordic Style Kitchens | Cosentino
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Silestone and Dekton in Nordic Style Kitchens | Cosentino

  • Use

    Interior cladding
  • Applications

    Ventilated facades, pavements, floors walls, countertops, furniture, countertops, sinks, shower trays
  • Characteristics

    Natural quartz surface, non-porous, antibacterial protection, resistant to acid, stains and scratches

More about this product

The Nordic style is a decorative style that is suited to various spaces, such as kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms or bedrooms. In kitchens, this style stands out for its luminosity, use of materials of natural origin and functionality. Using Cosentino's various Silestone® and Dekton® surfaces, creating a Nordic kitchen is a highly intuitive, functional and timeless process.

Nordic style ideals were born from a need for natural light in the rooms, mainly during the cold and long winter months, of Scandinavian origin, the Nordic style has birthed different techniques to multiply the feeling of light, to the point that it has become one of the most popular decorative styles today.

Cosentino Sintered Stone Surfaces

To convert a kitchen using this unique style, you must first take into account the concept of minimalism, a clean and refined style that generally finds a balance between the new and the old, generally applied in kitchen furniture and accessories, so that both intervene in harmony. Design of a space can be realized using 3 color choices:

  1. White on white
    Choosing white shades will create a clean, spacious and very bright environment, thanks to Cosentino's Silestone® quartz cladding, this is very achievable, colors such as Zeus Extreme White, Montblanc, White Diamond, North White or White Platinum will make the brightness the protagonist. When ultra-compact Dekton® cladding is preferred, it can be done using the Makai models from the Wild Collection, a surface that mimics the finish and texture of the wood, Halo from the XGloss Solid collection, an ultra-shiny finish that will act as a reflection of the luminosity or Entzo from the Natural Collection series, among other proposals.
  2. White and wood
    A mixture between white and natural woods in light tones such as oak, ash, maple and beech.
  3. Gray color
    Incorporating gray in walls, covers, furniture or flooring, mixed with the great protagonist, white, will provide a dose of apparently casual sophistication to the kitchen.

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