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Wireless Controls - Intelligent Home Solutions | Lutron
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Wireless Controls - Intelligent Home Solutions | Lutron

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    Control of electric and natural lighting
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    New smart home solutions within the lines of mobile application and cloud devices, control panels and dimmers, LED luminaires and blinds
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Lutron Electronics, a leading company in energy-saving and wireless control of electric and natural light, showed its most innovative solutions at CEDIA 2015, which took place from October 14 to 17, in the city of Dallas, Texas in the US. CEDIA is the world fair for home technologies of the future.

As part of Lutron's most recent developments in the wireless electric and natural lighting control sector, the company showed at the fair the new additions to its prestigious Palladiom and seeTouch C.L. control panel lines, GRAFIK T dimmers; Ivalo Collection LED luminaires and blinds operated by Sivoia QS Triathlon batteries. As well as a mobile application and a cloud device were presented for the first time with which the company hopes to simplify even more the use of the latest technologies for the home with the RadioRA2 and HomeWorks QS systems.

New Lutron solutions presented at CEDIA 2015:

Mobile Applications and Cloud Devices

RadioRA2 and Homeworks QS are the first Lutron products that work with the new Lutron cloud device called Connect Bridge and with the Lutron Connect App mobile application, which allows the control of electrical and natural lighting of the home through phones or tablets with IOS or Android operating systems. These tools allow you to convert a house into a smart home quickly, easily and affordably. Some of the attributes of the new mobile application and cloud device include:

  • Notifications to AppleWatch
  • Geofencing: indicates changes in light temperature or movement of blinds
  • HomeGlance control panel for mobile devices: facilitates the use of the Lutron Connect App
  • Low battery status: provides notification of low battery status in the Lutron
  • Connect App for Radio Power Saver systems occupancy sensors and Serena blinds and Pico remote control

The Latest Control Panels and Dimmers

Pallodium Control Boards: The Pallodiom board works with the Homeworks QS system and apart from having an elegant and intuitive design allows the following functions:

  • The buttons can be located, removed or placed according to the user's needs
  • You can program functions of any type for each button
  • The buttons are illuminated so that they can be easily found in a dark environment and this light can be dimmed according to the user's taste

Teckadis seeTouch C.L.: now the well-known Lutron Seetouch keyboard can work with LED luminaires while maintaining its high performance as a dimmer.

GRAFIK T attenuator: the new GRAFIK T attenuator manages to combine Lutron's high attenuation technology with an intuitive minimalist design, its aesthetic is elegant and timeless giving the feeling that it is floating on the wall. The GRAFIK T dimmer has the latest Lutron touch technology for which no buttons, knobs or levers are needed to dim but simply by touching the LED light on the bar with a finger you can choose the desired level of attenuation. In addition, you can work with the RadioRA2 and HomeWorks QS systems. The GRAFIK T can handle virtually any type of light from halogen lights to LED spotlights.

Ivalo Collection LED Luminaires

The Ivalo Collection now features:

  • High quality LED color: a color rendering index (CRI) of 95 or more, which ensures that all colors look the way users expect to see it.
  • Ecosystem Soft-on dimmer, fade-to-black: this dimmer gradually turns off the light until it reaches a 1% attenuation, then turn off the light completely.
  • New luminaire designs including:
    • LED luminaires for smaller ceilings and therefore more discrete Ivalo Fineré 3 ”
    • Ivalo Pendant & Sconce Family LED luminaires that combine attractive architectural elements for current aesthetic needs and feature 2700K, 3000K and 3500K of color temperature options
    • A color rendering index (CRI) of 95 or more, flicker-free dimming and the new 3000K color temperature option

Sivoia QS Triathlon Blinds

The Sivoia QS Triathlon line of blinds now features the Battery Boost system that lengthens the battery life of the blinds by 80 percent. It also has superior mobility that helps the blind travel more smoothly and always remains aligned within its rails. This new line of blinds form a diameter of three inches when a 12 x 12 foot blind is rolled (which is the smallest diameter in the industry). Finally, the curtain has been redesigned thinking of more contemporary designs without the use of fascias.

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