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Quantum® Lighting Control Software | Lutron

  • Use

    Home automation
  • Applications

    Commercial, corporate, public, educational, hospitality, healthcare, residential
  • Characteristics

    Control, comfort, energy-savings

More about this product

Lutron unveils software that coordinates and operates the system for the total handling of Quantum® lighting, which allows the control not only artificial or electrical light but also natural light or daylight, thanks to a modern system that allows the user to save costs and deliver comfort and quality to the spaces.

The Quantum system uses various software, each with a specific function and which together configure the complex system for control, comfort and energy savings.

These systems are:

  • Green Glance ™ software
    Green Glance software offers a quick snapshot of your building's energy savings using the Quantum® total light management system. Building owners and facility managers can use Green Glance to motivate employees to save energy or to support their organizations' reputation for being sustainable and socially responsible. They can also use Green Glance as an educational tool to demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of their
    facilities when using Quantum, such as money saved, CO2 not emitted, or tons of coal that were consumed. In addition, they can use Green Glance software to display any other sustainable data related to their building such as details related to waste reduction programs or efficient water use systems.
  • Q-Admin ™ software
    The heart of the Quantum® solution is Q-Admin, the powerful software that allows facility managers to manage electric light and daylight to increase energy efficiency, comfort, and productivity. From a central location, a facility manager can not only control electric lights and curtains but also set up, monitor, analyze and report light throughout a building.



  • Clocks
    The Q-Admin™ software includes two types of clocks, a clock with the time of day (for example, 8 pm on weekdays) and an astronomical clock (for example, sunset or sunrise), which control the lights and curtains in the Quantum® network.
  • IntelliDemand load separation
    It allows facility managers to separate a percentage of the system's lighting output to reduce energy costs in their facilities. This may result in lower electric rates. With the Q-Admin™ software, simply set the percentage reduction in the light level and instantly separate the load throughout your installation or in a particular space with respect to your current energy level.
  • Reports
    It allows facility managers to improve maintenance and operations, identify complications before they become problems, and monitor lighting energy consumption throughout the building.
  • Calculate the use of energy in comparison
    The Lutron Quantum solution generates highly accurate energy savings calculations that are based on system settings.

Reports include:

  • Use of lighting energy
  • System activity
  • Fluorescent lamp failures

Hyperion ™ System Adaptable to Automated Sun Blinds

Hyperion is a feature available for Quantum® that adjusts Sivoia QS shades throughout the day based on the position of the sun. This offers effective daylight illumination while reducing the heat and glare of the sun to increase the comfort and productivity of the building's occupants.

The curtains' precise adjustment schedules are developed by combining the information gathered on the building with the limits specified by the user on the penetration of sunlight and the amount of time between the movements of the curtains. In order to handle variations in weather conditions, it is also possible to program Hyperion to enter cloudy day mode.


  • Solar variation according to the seasons
  • Comfort and productivity
  • Does not block the view outwards
  • Make the most of effective daylight
  • Cancellation on cloudy days
  • Lower costs of, energy saving
    • Summer: Curtains reduce the need to use the air conditioner to block and reflect solar heat, which results in a 10-30% reduction in heat absorption.
    • Winter: It is possible to program the curtains to close at night, adding insulation and reducing heating costs.

How it Works

  1. June 21 | 11:00 a.m.
    The curtains remain partially closed to block the annoying winter sun that has a low angle. The lights near the windows remain very bright to preserve the preferred light levels.
  2. December 21 | 11:00 a.m.
    Hyperion automatically puts the curtains to allow the useful light of day enter space. The lights near the windows dim to save energy.

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