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Lamitech dry erase maker board | Lamitech
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Lamitech dry erase maker board | Lamitech

  • Use

  • Applications

    Educational, Institutional, Corporate
  • Characteristics

    Antibacterial protection, practical and durable surface, non-absorbent, easy marker erasure
  • Colors

    Base Marker Board 4101, Marker Board 4103 and Laminati 4105 (double squared)
  • Sizes

    1,22 m x 2,44 m, 1,22 m x 3.06 m and 1,53 m x 3,66 m
  • Certification

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More about this product

Lamitech’s high-pressure laminate line is ideal for the elaboration of Boards with the use of dry-erase markers, blackboard and magnetic elements, used in conference rooms, schools, universities and offices, among others.

Lamitech Boards are manufactured with Nanoguard®, quality that provides antibacterial and fungicidal protection, reducing by up to 99.99% the germs present on the surface. It maintains a continuous residual antimicrobial effect, keeping the surface protected, regardless of how many times it is cleaned.

Lamitech Dry Erase Maker Board is designed for applications to interior standard vertical surfaces where a durable, high gloss, decorative surface, non absorbent ensures easy erasure of dry erase markers. Lamitech MARKER BOARD LAM is ideal in applications where liquid chalk, is to be used such as conference rooms, schools, universities, presentation areas and offices.

Designed for indoor vertical use applications, Lamitech Board offers

  • A durable and practical surface
  • Non absorbent
  • Glossy finish
  • Easy erase of dry erase markers
  • Ideal for manufacturing tables for use in conferences, schools, universities and offices


Color and design availability

Available for dry marker in the following refs.: Base Marker Board 4101,
Marker Board 4103 and Laminati 4105 (double squared)

Thicknesses 0.028” (0.7 mm) - 0.039” (1.0 mm) - 1/2” (13 mm) Standard application
Sizes 4´x 8´ - 4´x 10´ (1,22 m x 2,44 m - 1,22 m x 3.06 m) 5´x 12´ (1,53 m x 3,66 m)
Technical data Please ask for LAMITECH DRY ERASE MARKER BOARD Technical Data Sheet

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