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Acoustic Mesh Panels | GKD Metal Fabrics
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Acoustic Mesh Panels | GKD Metal Fabrics

  • Use

    Ceilings, mesh partitions, acoustic cladding
  • Applications

    Corporate, commercial
  • Characteristics

    NRC value of .9, daylighting advantages, easy integration of fittings, easily removed for maintenance
  • Certification


More about this product

Acoustic Mesh Panels from GKD provide architects and designers metal fabric options that can contribute to LEED certification through Acoustical Performance and Daylighting credits.


Acoustic Mesh Panels are made from a proprietary composite of aluminum with a sag-free, one-inch thick honeycomb support plate layered with an intermediate blanket of fiber-free acoustic fleece. The metal fabric panels achieve an NRC value of .9 (SAA = .92) making them almost silent.


Ceiling fittings, such as lights, downlights, and sprinklers are easy to integrate within the Acoustic Mesh Panels. These panels can also be removed and refitted easily for maintenance purposes, making it a sound solution for any architectural design need.

Project Featuring Acoustic Mesh Panel

Museum of the Bible

The 6th-floor ceiling of this museum contains 235 aluminum Acoustic Mesh Panels. The aluminum composite metal fabric is not a traditional choice for ceiling and wall coverings, but the lightweight, dramatic noise reduction properties and daylighting advantages made it a perfect choice for a very large meeting space.

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