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Metal Fabric Wall Covering & Partitions | GKD Metal Fabrics
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Metal Fabric Wall Covering & Partitions | GKD Metal Fabrics

  • Use

    Partitions and wall coverings
  • Applications

    Corporate, cultural, commercial
  • Characteristics

    Semi-transparent, wide choice of metal fabrics, durable, easy maintenance
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More about this product

Modern interior design has embraced the use of exposed industrial materials which were once covered up. Now that designers are embracing the industrial look, metal fabrics are being used more often in both architectural applications and interior design. Metal fabrics are both functional and visually attractive. GKD metal fabrics can be used to create freestanding partitions in offices, restaurants, museums, and other high-traffic spaces. Because many metal fabrics are semi-transparent, they can be used to divide spaces without blocking natural light.

Mesh Partitions

GKD’s metal fabric partition solutions enable the design and creation of isolated spaces through the use of tightly woven designs. Or open, free-feeling spaces through the use of more open weaves. From restaurants to elevator cab interiors to opera houses, GKD has provided metal fabric partitions.

Mesh Wall Coverings

Metals are the ultimate wall covering, ideal to clad an interior or exterior surface. While always decorative, the durability and longevity factors make metal fabric wall coverings the first choice for high traffic environments. The surfaces of GKD metal fabric wall coverings are easily maintained and are washable.

Metal fabrics by GKD adorn the walls of fine hotels, museums, office buildings, and restaurants. In many cases, a metal fabric wall can also provide sun shading benefits from either an inside or the outside installation.

Stainless Steel Metal Fabrics

Stainless steel metal fabrics are also environmentally conscious; containing typically more than 60% post-industrial and post-consumer recycled material. These fabrics are also 100% recyclable at the end of their lifespan, which makes them the ideal building material for many modern designers.

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