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Etching Metal Fabrics | GKD Metal Fabrics
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Etching Metal Fabrics | GKD Metal Fabrics

  • Use

    Custom metal screens and cladding panels
  • Applications

    Educational, sports, cultural, commercial, corporate
  • Characteristics

    Durable, weather-resistant, fade-resistant, easy maintenance

More about this product

The GKD Metal Fabric etching process creates astounding visual imagery which is extremely durable, weather and fade-resistant. The metal fabric is also transparent allowing visibility and measured lighting in facades.

Etching Process

  1. Flat-surfaced stainless steel meshes Omega or Lago are selected for etching
  2. AutoCAD files are used to create masking for the requested design
  3. The AutoCAD designs are transferred onto grids to cut the shape and size of the design mask
  4. The design is etched into the metal fabric using the mask.

Etching onto decorative metal fabric screen creates a highly contrasted image. Graphics can include text, logos and all sorts of imagery. The vibrancy of the design is controlled by the duration of the etching and the material used. The decorative metal fabric etching is non-toxic and maintenance-friendly. The maximum width for etched metal fabrics is 26 feet. There is no limit to length.

Etched Metal Fabric in Piper High School
Etched Metal Fabric in Piper High School

GKD has already helped structures around the country showcase their custom design. Buildings such as Century Bank Arena, Central Corridor Light Rail Transit and Juan Valdez Café are a handful of examples of how etching brings building design to the next level.

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