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Media Facades - Mediamesh® | GKD Metal Fabrics
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Media Facades - Mediamesh® | GKD Metal Fabrics

  • Use

    Communication, facade cladding
  • Applications

    Cultural, corporate, commercial, public
  • Characteristics

    Easy installation, can cover four times the surface of a traditional billboard, up to 60% transparency, durable, flexible

More about this product

GKD Metal Fabrics' Mediamesh® is a stainless steel metal fabric with interwoven LED lights. The material can transform a building into a dynamic, vivid experience of communication. Easily installed over any building surface, this stainless steel metal fabric is ideal for large scale applications since it can cover four times the surface area of traditional billboards with as much as 80% less electricity.

Constructed of T316 series stainless steel metal fabric, Mediamesh® features the fundamental qualities of woven metal but with unprecedented artistic and communicative capabilities. With up to 60% transparency, this mesh allows for natural daylighting and ventilation to reach the surface of the building.


Since GKD introduced Mediamesh®, it has been adopted for use in everything from branding graphics to video, live broadcast to conceptual art. Not only can it transform nearly any structure into a dynamic communications medium, but it is also easily installed over many surfaces, conforming to a building’s unique shape and design.


Mediamesh® is able to withstand climate extremes including hurricane-force winds, frigid cold, and searing heat. Thanks to stainless steel architectural fabric with a profile less than one inch thick it provides a clean viewing experience. The display also offers multiple viewing solutions that consider distance, angles, and resolution due to superior electronics and LED technology.


Thanks to a partnership between GKD and technology Daktronics, the control system allows for the display of advanced graphics, animations, video clips, and real-time data feeds. This also allows the system to automatically adjust brightness depending on lighting conditions and weather.

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