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Metal Fabric for Solar Management | GKD Metal Fabrics
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Metal Fabric for Solar Management | GKD Metal Fabrics

  • Use

    Solar shading, daylighting
  • Applications

    Cultural, educational, sports, public, commercial, transportation
  • Characteristics

    Durable, easy maintenance, solar shading, reduced energy use, design options available

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GKD Metal Fabrics

More about this product

GKD metal fabric offers unique daylighting options to address solar management while creating aesthetically pleasing designs using sustainable building products. Metal fabrics can be etched and custom panel sizes mean that manufacturing experts can produce nearly any design. Architects can specify a variety of colors and textures in building materials that are installed beneath the GKD façade or interior. Sunshades add an interesting texture over the glass, working both functionally and aesthetically to provide a visually dynamic installation.

Solar Omega

Solar Omega is a new metal fabric from GKD that provides effective solar protection thus leading to long-term lower energy consumption. Solar Omega is made by weaving vertical flat wires with horizontal stainless steel wires to provide more efficient solar protection while increasing the viewing area through the metal fabric.

How Does it Work?

GKD Solar Omega creates a solar barrier through a “stacking effect” reacting to the sun’s position in the sky. As the sun rises, the stacking effects of the horizontal rods shade the façade. When the sun is lower such as in winter months, more solar gain is allowed through the mesh. Adding more “depth” to these horizontal rods increases the amount of shading without obstructing the view straight through the fabric. Depending on solar management requirements, individual metal fabric panels can be made up of segments with differing degrees of openness.

LEED Certification

When utilized as a veil or exterior façade, Solar Omega reduces solar heat gain, thus reducing the energy required to power HVAC systems. Metal fabric allows the transmission of natural light provides effective internal illumination while reducing related energy costs.

  • Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Material Ingredients: The cable and materials of metal fabrics are typically 60% recycled materials and 40% new materials. During manufacturing, 100% of the scrap or unused material is recycled. The material is 100% recyclable whenever it reaches the end of its life.
  • Building Reuse: An existing building can be fitted with a façade of GKD material for a long-lasting, new appearance with the same benefits of sun shading and energy savings of a new building.
  • Daylight: The use of a metal fabric façade has the benefit of connecting occupants with indoor and outdoor spaces. Undeniably, this leads to greater productivity, healthier environments, increased airflow and shading.
  • LEED Accredited Professional: GKD maintains professionals of all types on staff, including LEED-certified individuals.
  • Light Pollution Reduction: A GKD fabric façade on the outside of a building helps to control light intensities from unnatural sources.
  • Quality Views: Transparency of a metal fabric façade allows for a clear view while shading light and heat.

Solar Shading Projects

Union Presbyterian Seminary

Metal Fabric in Union Presbyterian Seminary

Location Richmond, VA
Architect Glavé & Holmes Architecture
GKD Metal Fabrics Product Omega 1520

Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia is a study in conservative Protestant history. The exterior red brick Tudor Revival buildings reflect their historical surroundings whereas the interiors have been refurbished to reflect growth, change, and development.

Glave & Holmes Architecture used GKD’s Omega 1520 woven metal fabric finished in bronze and stainless as the overlays – creating the illusion of walls without compromising the filtered daylight, infusing the space with light to help to create the welcoming feeling of openness. The chapel is nestled within the other spaces, separated by huge mesh screens woven of bronze. The metal mesh provides a warm and dramatic backdrop for the chapel and works as a balustrade for the balconies. Huge bronze mesh screens placed over the many windows provide sun shading by day and add shimmering metallic detail to the chapel at night when illuminated by carefully placed lighting.

Florida International University Century Bank Arena

Metal Fabric in Florida International University Century Bank Arena

Location Miami, Florida
Architect Gould Evans Architects
GKD Metal Fabrics Product Omega 1520

The Florida International University mascot, the Golden Panther, has been placed front and center of this sun-shading and branding project using GKD's propriety etching process. The building gains multiple benefits as the interior is shielded from the hot Florida sun with five panels of GKD Omega 1520. A total of 1,600 square feet of durable, heat- and moisture-resistant metal fabric were attached using GKD’s extended loop with round bar and eyebolts at the top and extended loop with round bar and springs at the bottom.

This tensioned flexible metal fabric panel provided a unique way to control solar heat gain and extreme daylight. Stainless steel fabric offers strength, durability, design flexibility and increases a building’s overall energy efficiency. The open area of the woven fabric ranges from 0% to 71% open, ensuring visibility from the inside out, allowing natural lighting from the outside in and increasing building occupant comfort and interior environment. Because of the proven hurricane-force wind capability of the fabric and attachment designs, these architectural metal fabric facades are ideally primed for application in the hot, humid and hurricane-prone southeastern United States.

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GKD Metal Fabrics

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GKD Metal Fabrics

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