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In-line Linear Actuators | Gorter Hatches
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In-line Linear Actuators | Gorter Hatches

  • Available in

  • Use

    Interior and exterior
  • Applications

    Commercial, residential, wet food industry, marine, off-shore industry, and rehabilitation industry such as wheelchairs and shower lifts
  • Characteristics

    Small dimensions, compact design, high precision in control of movements, reliable
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Gorter Hatches

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Concens A/S from Gorter Hatches produces electric in-line actuators that are characterised by small dimensions with a compact design, high precision in the control of movements as well as reliability. They also supply actuators in stainless steel with a waterproof construction so that the application options are broadened to the wet food industry, marine and off-shore industry. The con35, Con50 and Con60 are versatile in-line electric actuators with many customisation options.


Made up in general to create effective movement, Concens actuators are made in Denmark with conscious (sustainable) manufacture and design taking consideration on energy consumption among others by the usage of a planetary gear in its design.


Concens offer basic in-line electric actuator controllers, which allow electronic control and to protect the actuator and the equipment that the actuator is connected to from damage. The basic controllers include a soft-start function with an adjustable acceleration ramp.


Handsets for Concens controllers can be designed with 2-8 buttons with a variety of positions according to the application and requirements from the customer. Furthermore, the layout of printed foil can be customised. Other handset models are available upon request.


Making in-line electric actuators mobile, Concens offer compatible battery solutions for the in-line electric actuators. The rechargeable 24V NiMH and Li-Ion batteries are easily mounted in the actuator control box and the solution offers optional IP65 protection.

Gorter Hatches | In-Line Linear Actuators

Contact manufacturer

Gorter Hatches

Contact manufacturer

Contact manufacturer

Gorter Hatches

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