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How to Install a Surface Mounted Sanitary with Brackets | Bradley Corporation USA
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How to Install a Surface Mounted Sanitary with Brackets | Bradley Corporation USA

  • Use

    Handwashing fixtures
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Ease of installation, flexibility

More about this product

Next-generation commercial handwashing fixture mounting platforms from Bradley Corp feature heavy-duty stainless steel brackets affixed to the outside of the wall surface. This avoids the labor and expense associated with conventional in-wall carriers.

The system works with the brackets affixed to a wall surface and then the lavatory bowl is seated in the wall bracket then securely fastened to the wall through the bowl itself. Gussets molded into the bowl act as a cantilever – drawing the weight force from the front of the bowl edge to the wall surface itself. This allows the lavatory system to meet ANSI load rating requirements.

Bradley Corp - Mounting Supports

While this newer mounting style still requires proper backing in the wall, it is limited to only where the bracket is located. Therefore, it involves a smaller footprint than in-wall carriers. Typical installation backings are plywood on wood or steel studs, framing lumber between studs or even on concrete block walls. Using fasteners that have 1,000-pound pullout ratings provide the greatest stability.

Bradley Corp - Mounting Supports

The wall brackets incorporate easy-to-affix slots that allow installers greater flexibility and wiggle-room to install sinks at various. This is especially helpful when installing for heights required for the American Disabilities Act (ADA), juvenile restrooms, etc. This also allows adjustments to overcome wall framing irregularities, electrical placement obstructions, HVAC ducts or potential rough-in plumbing issues caused by improper placement of the water supplies and waste outlet.

Benefits of wall-mounted brackets

  • Ideal for retrofits because these systems do not interfere with existing rough-ins.
  • Greater flexibility to design for combined or separate waste outlets, often saving plumbing material and labor expenses.
  • The new wall bracket accepts various bowl shapes and configurations, such as trough designs, individual or multiple users, etc.
  • Wall brackets provide greater space and freedom to offer accessories with larger footprints. These might include multi-feed soap dispensers, hand dryer motors, 1-gallon soap containers, etc.
  • Wall brackets may allow for more trap enclosure options for hiding the rough plumbing from sight.

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