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Surfaces - Dekton® Chromica Collection | Cosentino

  • Use

    Cladding, solid surfaces
  • Applications

    Kitchens, bathrooms, floors, counters, facades, high traffic areas
  • Characteristics

    Ultra-compact surfaces, large-format slabs; high UV resistance, durability resistance to scratches/stains/fire/ heat/abrasion/ice/frost
  • Format

    Large-format slabs

More about this product

Cosentino specializes in cladding materials, such as the new Chromica Collection from Dekton® Surfaces. Dekton® is a mixture of raw materials used to make glass, state-of-the-art porcelain, and quartz surfaces. It is manufactured using Particle Sintering Technology (PST); a process involving an accelerated version of the metamorphic changes that natural stone undergoes when exposed to high pressures and temperatures for millennia.


  • Variety of thicknesses
  • Large-format slabs
  • UV resistance and color stability
  • Scratch resistance
  • Resistance to stains and chemical agents
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • High durability
  • Heat shock resistance


Cosentino's Chromica Collection is inspired by two colors of nature, blue and green, which complement the wide color palette of Dekton®, enriching the chromatic range for the creation of new authentic and sophisticated architectural spaces.


A dark blue color inspired by the sea, it represents conceptual and aesthetic purity, providing an elegant and serene character to the environment.


A dark green color inspired by unexplored places found in nature. Thanks to the sober and sophisticated character it transmits warmth and freshness to the environment.


A transformation of the color white. Inspired by one of the most iconic natural salt flats on the planet; its cold, crystalline shades epitomize the essence of purity and vastness, giving rise to new design options for innovative spaces.

Uyuni | Dekton® Chromica | Cosentino

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