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How to Choose Bricks with Brick Simulator | Vande Moortel

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    Select from different lines of bricks, adjust joint settings, download textures, easy to follow interface

More about this product

Vande Moortel provides a brick simulator tool that can be used to test and download different lines of bricks and adjust features such as joint thickness and color. It is an ideal tool to design every aspect of brickwork before making a decision and the brick textures generated can help to create accurate renders.

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Collection: Nature 10, Brick: N10 Brick M, Joint thickness: 6mm, Joint color: Red Collection: Linea7, Brick: Linea7 7021, Joint thickness: 12mm, Joint color: Grey


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How to Use

Vande Moortel has made the tool simple and easy to use:

  1. Go to: www.vandemoortel.co.uk/en/brick-simulator
  2. Work from the top-down, selecting the collection you wish to trial first
  3. Choose bonding and joint color using the helpful images under the drop-down menu
  4. When you are happy with your design, use the download button to save the texture to your computer

Mixing Bricks

Within the Nature7 range, each brick can be mixed into the composition in adjustable amounts to create a custom combination of different bricks.

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