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Acoustic Ceiling Systems - USG Ensemble | USG Ceilings

  • Use

    Ceilings - suspended, direct mount or curved systems | Walls – direct-mount system
  • Applications

    Lobbies, atriums, concourses, corporate offices, hospitality, restaurants, museums, higher education, or other spaces with multiple hard surfaces
  • Characteristics

    monolithic appearance, acoustic attenuation, easy installation, quality assurance
  • Guarantee

    Full System Warranty

More about this product

USG Ensemble® Acoustical Drywall Ceiling is a breakthrough ceiling solution that delivers the ideal combination of seamless design and acoustic performance. New innovations across USG technologies in drywall, finishing, and acoustic systems come together in one system giving designers more options for what a ceiling can do, especially in high-end applications.

The USG Ensemble® Acoustical Drywall Ceiling is available in the following systems to suit a variety of project applications:

  • Suspended Ceiling System
  • Direct Mount Ceiling System
  • Direct Mount Wall System
  • Curved System

Boral Singapore

Benefits and Characteristics:

Excellent Acoustics

  • Installed system: NRC 0.80 to 0.85, CAC 40
  • Perforated USG Sheetrock® Brand Panels optimize performance
  • Acoustically transparent USG Ensemble® Spray-Applied Finish

Clean, Elegant Aesthetics

  • Monolithic look with a fine finish in standard white and custom colors
  • High light-reflective finish (LR-85) reduces fixture and energy use

Easier Installation

  • Installs and finishes similar to standard drywall techniques

Total Quality Assurance

  • USG manufactures all components and offers system warranty

Lower Costs

  • System is up to half of installed cost versus traditional acoustical plaster systems

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