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Corian® Exteriors in Château La Pointe | Corian® Exteriors

  • Use

    Facade renovation
  • Applications

    Exterior cladding
  • Characteristics

    Durable, tough, easy-clean, non-porous, reparable, seamless, customized patterns

More about this product

The extension and renovation of Château La Pointe winery feature a new façade in Corian® Exteriors, the exterior cladding solution is based on Corian® Solid Surface. The material enabled the creation of an elaborate covering with a strong visual impact that is also resistant and easy to maintain. Corian® Solid Surface was used also in the interior of the renovated vat room to make ceiling lamps replicating the decorative façade motif.


Architects Archi Concept Groupe FRANC
Location Pomerol, France
Date June 2019

Built-in the nineteenth century, the historic castle at Château La Pointe is one of the great properties in the Libourne area, the restoration project was conceived to help establish the reputation of the impressive estate. The focus of the construction was on extending the vat room and creating additional technical rooms. The architects of Archi Concept Groupe FRANC from Mérignac worked with the client to create a design which shows up among the beautiful buildings in the area, yet blends comfortably into the surrounding architectural landscape.

On the two façades of the main building, a decorative patterned structure, created using Corian® Exteriors panels based on Corian® Solid Surface in the Glacier White color, was applied over the large walls. The pattern is detached from the façade by a few centimeters and is applied using fixing devices which give an effect of weightlessness seemingly unencumbered by visible anchoring supports. The devices allow for the adjustment of the fixtures during the installation so that they correspond to the inserts previously integrated on the facade.

The interesting architectural feature of Corian® Exteriors is the possibility of creating customized patterns. The intricate pattern now covering Château La Pointe contributes to its unique identity; the motif represents plants and their roots, evoking the vines surrounding the Château La Pointe 23-hectare estate. The façade visible from the Pomerol road is fitted with a system for backlighting so that at night, the nature-inspired decoration is enhanced by a suggestive illumination. The pure white color of Corian® Exteriors panels interacts with the light, whether natural or artificial, creating surprising and fascinating effects on the facade day and night.

For the renovation of Château La Pointe, Corian® Solid Surface also found its way to the interior of the new vat room. Four ceiling lamps, 1.20 meters in diameter, share the same pure white and depict the same custom façade motif. They decorate the space creating an attractive contrast with the concrete and the steel of the vat room. The production of the large ceiling lamps in the vat room was entirely carried out in the workshop by cutting and joining Corian® Solid Surface.

Corian® Exteriors is versatile and renowned for its reliability and durability and offers endless possibilities for shaping. It is non-porous, does not let in moisture and does not delaminate. It is resistant to UV rays and extreme weather conditions and its color, which is consistent throughout its thickness, remains stable over time. The unique and remarkable aesthetics of the façade reflects the elegance and prestige of Château La Pointe, and the functional qualities of this contemporary material ensure its stability and ease of maintenance for many years to come.

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