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Porcelain Tiles in Bathrooms | Ceramica Rondine

  • Use

    Bathroom floors and walls
  • Applications

    Commercial, residential
  • Characteristics

    Chemical resistance, waterproof, durable, frost resistance, stain resistant, abrasion resistance
  • Format


More about this product

The use of concrete surfaces in the interior design of bathroom spaces is at once trendy and timeless. Concrete surfaces are versatile with a variety of furnishings, they are resilient and compact. Ceramica Rondine combines the look and feel of concrete with the technical performance of porcelain stoneware that can be used in private or public bathroom applications.

Bathroom Walls

Ceramica Rondine’s Amacord collection provides an elegant base to be used for a bathroom material palette. The tile has a subtle color variation that sweeps across the tile surface in a concrete-inspired look. This is a perfect tile to be combined with more figurative feature tiles

Ceramica Rondine - Amacord

Bathroom Floors

The Icon Light collection is inspired by the look of aged concrete surfaces. Interpreted in modern colors, this tile allows you to express the latest color trends in both residential and commercial applications. The use of concrete for bathroom floors brings to mind industrial interior styles, shabby-chic or in a Scandinavian style. This tile combines this concrete expression with the technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware that make it ideal for use in humid environments such as bathrooms.

Ceramica Rondine - Icon

Color and Patterns in Bathrooms

Bathrooms can often be perceived as cold or stark. Using concrete-look tiles can bring a striking touch of character and personality to these spaces. A classic grey concrete-look tile creates an ideal base for the use of color which can bring a sense of vibrancy and personality bathrooms. The Volcano range from Ceramica Rondine can help create a dynamic looking bathroom.

Concrete-look tiles also provide the perfect base for introducing textured or figurative feature surfaces. The geometric patterns in Ceramica Rondine’s Swing Collection create a perfect compliment to a concrete look bathroom.

Ceramica Rondine - Swing

Small Bathrooms

With the correct tile selection, concrete-look tiles can create the impression of a larger space in small bathrooms. The 600 x 600mm square tiles from Ceramica Rondine allow for the creation of uniform surfaces with minimal and fine joints. Tiles of this size, in soft, uniform shades are able to create the impression of a larger volume by visually expanding the setting.

Porcelain Tiles in Single Family Home in Florida


Porcelain Tiles - Stracciatella