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3D Rendering Software - Latest Version | Lumion
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3D Rendering Software - Latest Version | Lumion

  • Use

    Architectural visualization
  • Applications

    Rendered images, videos, 360° panoramas
  • Characteristics

    Fast rendering speeds, intuitive user experience, compatibility with most design software, real-time rendering, photorealistic and conceptual views, large objects and materials library, fits within any workflow or practice
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More about this product

Lumion 12 is the best version of Lumion yet. With new features, a larger content library, and a more intuitive experience, Lumion 12 builds on more than a decade of development for architects to inspire creative journeys from imagination to visualization.

Lumion Latest Version | Model Design by Adam IngramModel Design by Adam Ingram

What's New in Lumion 12

  • Improved Scene-Building Workflow
    Lumion 12’s improved scene-building workflow makes it easier and faster than ever to access the vast content library, fine-tune effects and add the right contextual elements and details to your render. New additions such as surface decals let you instantly show surface imperfections and highlight textures like never before. Combined with other features such as weathering, displacement maps, and edges, you have a wide range of tools to show everything you envision, whether that includes immersive details or concepts such as the passage of time.

  • Volumetric Spotlight Effect
    The new volumetric spotlight effect infuses more atmosphere and emotion throughout your scene, especially when used with other features such as Real Skies, the fog effect, or atmospheric rain and snow. For each light object you place, such as a spotlight or an area light, the new light color temperature slider allows you to affect ambiance and mood with much more precision and ease.

To discover everything that’s in Lumion 12, check out the comprehensive release notes Lumion website.

Customer Care

When rendering with Lumion, users never render alone. Whether you have a question about a feature or need to talk to a real person to solve an issue, the Customer Care team is ready to help. With a Lumion license, you gain access to the fast and friendly global Customer Care team for all technical and license questions. Support is available Monday through Friday (in English). If users want to explore Lumion with someone who speaks their local language, they can contact one of Lumion's trusted partners that operate in 157 countries/territories. If you are a full-time student or faculty member, you may be able to get the free educational version.


To add Lumion visualization software to design workflows, order online, directly from the Lumion website. If you are a full-time student pr faculty member, you may be able to get a free educational version. They also offer a free Professional Trial, exclusive for businesses. To get a trial license, head over to Lumion's website, find your local partner, and ask for a Professional Trial.

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