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NeaCera Rainscreen Façade in Mixed Use Residential | Avenere Cladding
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NeaCera Rainscreen Façade in Mixed Use Residential | Avenere Cladding

  • Use

    Façade Cladding - Rainscreen Façade System
  • Applications

    Mixed Use Residential
  • Characteristics

    Extruded, Back-Ventilated, Dense Solid-Wall, Lifetime Graffiti Protection, Lighter Weight, Low Water Absorption, Non-sequential Installation, Available in 10 Standard Shapes
  • Sizes

    Maximum Panel Height 23.6″ (600mm). Maximum length of 78.7″ (2000mm)- Can vary depending on Panel Height. Most efficient panel size of 8” (203mm) to 18” (457 mm) high by 4.5’ (1372mm) to 5’ (1524mm) long
  • Guarantee

    Up to 30-Year Warranty

More about this product

Avenere Cladding has supplied NeaCera Terra-cotta cladding to numerous mixed-use residential buildings in the United States, providing an affordable, easy to install, 3-component rainscreen system, with a wide range of design capabilities and support services.

NeaCera Terra-cotta is an excellent cladding solution for mixed-use residential buildings. With a multitude of colors, shapes, sizes, and configuration options, you can design a building that defines a neighborhood. Avenere Cladding complete project support, including comprehensive shop drawings, and orientations, eases the design process with the comfort of up to a 30-year warranty.

Colors & Finishes

In addition to Avenere Cladding's 50+ standard colors, custom color creation and matching are available, along with custom finishes. NeaCera panel colors are available in:

  • 11 Matte Finishes

  • 12 Satin Finishes

  • 2 Gloss Finishes

  • 27 Glazed Finishes

  • Custom Color Creation and Matching

  • Custom Finish Creation

NeaCera Terra-cotta cladding | Avenere Cladding


  • 10 Unique Standard Shapes
  • Custom Shape Creation

NeaCera Terra-cotta cladding | Avenere Cladding


  • Available in multiple lengths and heights.
  • Custom Sizes Available


Comprised of 3 universal components, the NeaCera Panel, marine-grade aluminum Support Profile, and Joint Insert, installing the terracotta rainscreen system is as simple as hanging shelves— just lift and lock the panels into place. At a lighter system weight, requiring no clips, or gaskets, installers save time, labor, and money.

NeaCera Terra-cotta cladding | Avenere Cladding


The fully tested architectural façade cladding system comes with a host of cost-saving benefits, such as Lifetime Graffiti Protection inherent in the surface of the panel, and non-sequential installation which accommodates tie-backs and installation of post-applied elements.


  • In-house shop drawings

  • Installation cost study guides

  • A dedicated product technician

  • Pre-construction orientation

  • Job site orientation

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