NeaCera Sunscreen Vizors in Capital One | Avenere Cladding
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NeaCera Sunscreen Vizors in Capital One | Avenere Cladding

  • Use

    Façade Cladding - Sunscreen Façade System
  • Applications

    Corporate Buildings
  • Characteristics

    Extruded, Horizontal Application, Lifetime Graffiti Protection, Lighter Weight, Low Water Absorption, Available in 3 Standard Shapes
  • Sizes

    The maximum terracotta segment is 1600mm (62.99”)
  • Certification

    Green Globe Certified
  • Guarantee

    Up to 30-Year Warranty

More about this product

Avenere Cladding supplied NeaCera Terra-cotta Cladding Sunscreen Vizors and Rainscreen Panels for use on the milestone Capital One Operations Facility located in Richmond, Virginia. As one of Richmond’s largest employers with over 10,000 employees, Capital One’s West Creek campus located in Goochland County was in need of expansion to house its growing operations. This Capital One office building, commonly referred to as West Creek 8, is a 200,000-square-foot addition to the existing 316-acre campus.

Key Players

Architect Odell Associates
General Contractor Hourigan Construction
Installer Pillar Construction, Inc.

NeaCera Terra-cotta Sunscreen Vizors

Avenere NeaCera Terra-cotta Sunscreen Vizors offer a host of benefits when utilized on a façade. They provide an effective means of protecting against ultraviolet rays in summer months, reducing high energy costs by deterring heat gain through glass applications. In addition to their cost and energy-saving benefits, sunscreens provide comfort in the summer through light filtration and diffusion and add a bold, unique aesthetic accent to any building façade. NeaCera Vizors come in three distinct shapes, Baguette, Lamella, and Quad:

NeaCera Terra-cotta Suncreen Vizors


Founded in sustainability and green design, the Capital One building is Green Globe Certified. Employing energy-efficient technology was a fundamental design principle for the architects, and the use of NeaCera Terra-cotta sunscreens helped to achieve this. The Lamella shaped NeaCera sunscreens provides thermal comfort, natural light, and reduced glare along the expansive glass front façade of the building. Other energy-efficient pursuits included the use of integrated Building Control Systems to optimize the energy use for heating, cooling, and lighting systems, and use of higher-efficiency HVAC systems.

Façade Design

The goal of the architect was to create a bold and impactful façade which would blend into the existing campus while promoting sustainability and wellness. NeaCera Terra-cotta Sunscreen Vizors paired with rainscreen cladding panels from Avenere Cladding came together to create a cohesive and modern façade for this Fortune 500 company. Three different colored panels were chosen and thoughtfully placed to create a one-of-a-kind pattern along the building’s expanse. With non-sequential installation, the architect was able to reimagine their design and adapt the panel placement post installation to fulfill their vision. A fully tested system with up to a 30-year warranty, NeaCera Terra-cotta Cladding Sunscreen and Rainscreen Solutions were the ideal fit for this project.

Products Used

Color Shape Configuration
NeaCera Terra-cotta Rainscreen Wall Panels Rustic Canyon, Burnt Sienna, & Brick Red Natural Pilaster Stacked
NeaCera Terra-cotta Sunscreen Vizors Burnt Sienna Lamella Horizontal

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