Custom Color in The Coloradan Façade | Avenere Cladding
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Custom Color in The Coloradan Façade | Avenere Cladding

  • Use

    Façade Cladding - Rainscreen Façade System
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Extruded, Back-Ventilated, Dense Solid-Wall, Lifetime Graffiti Protection, Lighter Weight, Low Water Absorption, Non-sequential Installation, Available in 10 Standard Shapes
  • Sizes

    Maximum Panel Height 23.6″ (600mm). Maximum length of 78.7″ (2000mm)- Can vary depending on Panel Height. Most efficient panel size of 8” (203mm) to 18” (457 mm) high by 4.5’ (1372mm) to 5’ (1524mm) long
  • Certification

    LEED Gold Certified, Certified Healthy
  • Guarantee

    Up to 30-Year Warranty

More about this product

Avenere Cladding has supplied NeaCera Terra-cotta façade cladding to the Coloradan, providing a durable, affordable, 3-component rainscreen system, with a wide range of design capabilities.

Project Overview

The Coloradan is a 19-story residential condominium tower located in the growing Union Station neighborhood in downtown Denver, CO. This $200-million, 334-unit condo building will utilize 61,000-square-feet of custom-colored panels from NeaCera, carefully crafted and chosen to meld into the natural beauty that personifies the city. The building is LEED Gold Certified, as well as Certified Healthy, a Denver based certification program granted upon the use of healthy components in the design and function of a building that facilitate a healthy lifestyle for residents.

Custom Colored Façade Cladding

Located adjacent to the historic Union Station, GBD Architects designed The Coloradan to compliment this iconic city landmark. GBD, wanting to stray from the red, brown, and blonde tones that are so common in Denver architecture, tasked Avenere Cladding with creating custom colored panels that would reflect the natural and subtle hues of the Rocky Mountains. For months, Avenere worked with the GBD team to create the perfect blend of color, texture, and finish to impeccably reflect the vibrancy of the mountain region. In total, 27 color-texture combinations were created and presented to the team from which they chose three, all using the Stone Finish, to capture the architect’s vision. This custom color and texture development is possible due to Avenere Cladding's advanced manufacturing process.


The engobe process is where a pigmented granular clay material is applied to the panel and then baked at strictly controlled temperatures to ensure a durable finish and permanent color. This process allows the color and the granular material, which creates the finish, to be varied, opening up endless creative possibilities for the architect. A custom shaped terracotta panel was also created for The Coloradan to act as an accent, building character within the already charming façade.


Comprised of 3 universal components, the NeaCera panel, marine-grade aluminum support profile, and joint insert, installing the terracotta rainscreen system is as simple as hanging shelves— Just Lift and Lock the panels into place. At a system weight of only 7.5 lbs. per square foot, and since no clips, gaskets, or sealants are required, installers save time, labor, and money.

NeaCera Terra-cotta cladding | Avenere Cladding


The fully tested architectural façade cladding system comes with a host of cost-saving benefits, such as lifetime graffiti protection baked into the panel, and non-sequential installation to accommodate tie-backs and installation of post-applied elements.

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