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Custom Concrete Sinks - TrueForm | Trueform Concrete

  • Use

    Bathroom furniture
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial
  • Characteristics

    Fully customizable, durable, made by hand, Revit objects available for configuration, custom concrete coloring, specialty manufacture

More about this product

Leveraging a wealth of experience collaborating with architects, designers, and builders, Trueform Concrete is a leader in the design and fabrication of custom/build-to-spec concrete sinks for commercial and residential environments.

Trueform is an agile, build-on-demand company that is inherently flexible in terms of production. Both standard and custom concrete sinks are fabricated in the same location, and both share the same high-quality materials, attention to detail, and rigorous quality-control measures.

Trueform is especially adept at designing and fabricating ADA-compliant wall-mounted sinks and has engineered a number of unique steel brackets that enable their sinks to be mounted to numerous substrates including wood studs, steel studs, hollow CMU, and solid masonry.

What is a Custom Sink?

A “custom” concrete sink refers to any specific sink or vanity configuration that isn’t offered as a standard product. Whether it’s a 14-foot wall-hung commercial monolith or 14” vessel with a unique texture, a custom concrete sink begins when you submit an idea to Trueform - either through drawings, plans or by verbal description. Their specialists will provide consultation on how to best execute the idea as a finished product and, upon final approval, will fabricate accordingly.

Trueform can customize nearly any attribute of a concrete sink - including (but not limited to):

  • Deck/counter dimensions
  • Basin shape & size
  • Basin location & orientation
  • Concrete color
  • Edge thickness (apron) & profile shape
  • Number of wash stations
  • Mounting style (wall mount vs. cabinet mount)
  • Deck openings & features (faucet holes, soap holes, trash cutouts, etc.)
  • Finish & Textures
  • Specialty techniques such as debossing, inlaying or embedding
  • One-of-a-kind vanities or washstands that utilize wood or steel

“Configurable” Sinks and BIM Objects

For those who prefer a hands-on approach to customization, architects and designers have the capability to design their Trueform concrete sink by means of BIM objects. Trueform has created Revit families based on their suite of wall-mounted sinks and ZEN Washstands. These models are highly configurable, enabling Revit users to compose a manufacture-ready concrete sink that meets their exact specifications.

With an extensive library of integral sink basins in a variety of shapes and sizes, endless options are permitted for customization, including countertop dimensions, apron thickness/height, and faucet placement. The built-in constraints in the models guide the user toward successfully planning a fabrication-ready design – even recommending the appropriate wall-support systems (if applicable).

Custom Concrete Coloring

One of the primary advantages concrete offers over other materials is its ability to accept and display color. Because each sink is handmade, concrete fabricators have considerable control over pigmentation. Trueform sinks have “through” color, meaning the pigment is added to liquid concrete prior to casting and is therefore inherent in the finished product. Trueform has extensive coloring capabilities and can color-match nearly any Benjamin-Moore or Pantone color swatch.


Specialty Shapes, Textures, Finishes, and Details

For sinks that are truly one of a kind, Trueform can employ a number of techniques such as CNC, 3D-Printing, fabric forming, and others to create custom molds. Such tools enable them to fabricate objects that would be difficult or impossible otherwise.

Edge Details | Trueform Concrete

Custom Vanities & Washstands

Working closely with millworkers and steelworkers, Trueform is also a turn-key operation for those who wish to have a one-off vanity built. Their design team can review drawings and provide guidance on how to best execute the design prior to fabrication.

General Custom Sink Information

  • Trueform has an extensive library of UPC-listed sink basin molds in many sizes and shapes
  • All sinks are completely made by hand from start to finish by talented craftsmen in their New Jersey, USA facility
  • Sink projects local to New Jersey are templated and installed by Trueform Concrete. Out-of-state and international projects are built-to-spec and shipped to your location.
  • For commercial spaces, most of their floating/wall-hung sinks are made to meet ADA compliance.
  • Trueform Concrete sinks are lightweight and can be made to the appearance of any thickness.
  • Volume pricing is available. Inquire for more details.
  • All Trueform sinks are treated with a topcoat sealer. With basic care and use, these sinks will perform very well over time. See their Care & Use Sheet.
  • All sinks will display variation and random markings that are absolutely acceptable for concrete products.

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