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Variable Diffusion Membrane - CLIMA CONTROL | Rothoblaas
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Variable Diffusion Membrane - CLIMA CONTROL | Rothoblaas

  • Use

    Climate control
  • Applications

    Timber construction
  • Characteristics

    Hygrometric properties, a steam brake can be transformed into a breathable product
  • Sizes

    Height: 1.5m | Length: 50m | Area: 75m2
  • Certification

    CE EN 13984, FR: DTU 31.2 frein- vapeur, CH: SIA 232 V.v.u., DE: ZVDH fv., IT: UNI 11470 D/R1

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More about this product

CLIMA CONTROL 80 from Rothoblaas is a membrane with variable diffusion which offers maximum security even in the case of interstitial condensation or when internal insulation is applied. CLIMA CONTROL serves as a vapor stop during the winter (low humidity) and is breathable in the summer (high humidity).


  • Variable Diffusion
    Variable resistance to vapor diffusion: maximum protection for walls and excellent security in insulation
  • Energy Reconditioning
    Ideal to increase energy performance for packages and solutions for reconditioning of existing structures
  • Hydrometric Properties
    The special PA film gives the product the ability to adapt to the hygrometric conditions of the building. If the membrane comes into contact with high humidity levels, it transforms from a vapor barrier into a breathable product, guaranteeing that the structure remains dry.
  • Transparency
    Easy to install thanks to its transparent quality; controls the passage of water vapor based on climate and humidity


Vapor check polyamide (PA) film with polypropylene (PP) reinforcing layer

  1. Top layer: vapor check PA film
  2. Bottom layer: non-woven PP fabric

Technical Specifications

Property Standard Value
Mass per unit area 1849-2 80 g/m2
Thickness 1849-2 0.2 mm
Straightness 1848-2 conforming
Water vapor transmission (Sd) EN 12572 0.2 - 5 m
Maximum tensile force MD/CD EN 12311-2 120 / 90 N/50 mm
Elongation MD/CD EN 12311-2 50 / 50 %
Resistance to tearing MD/CD EN 12310-2 40 / 40 N
Watertightness EN 1928 conforming
Temperature resistance - -20 / +80 °C
Reaction to fire EN 13501-1 class E
Resistance to penetration of air EN 12114 < 0.002 m3/m2h50Pa
Water vapor resistance: after aging EN 1296 conforming
Water vapor resistance: alkaline water EN 13984 npd
Thermal conductivity (λ) - 0.2 W/mK
Specific heat - 1700 J/kgK
Density - approx. 400 kg/m3
Water vapor resistance factor (μ) - approx. 1000 - 25000
Joint strength EN 12317-2 npd
Impact resistance EN 12691 npd
VOC emissions - 0 % (class A+)

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