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Recessed Lights - Ghost for Insulation Panels | SIMES

  • Use

    Exterior lighting
  • Applications

    Residential, retail, hospitality, cultural, corporate, educational, healthcare, urban
  • Characteristics

    No visible lighting fixture, in-concrete lighting
  • Format


More about this product

SIMES presents Ghost, a range of recessed lighting representing a revolution in understanding light in relation to the materials used in architecture: The light source integrates itself completely in the void until it disappears. What is perceived is only the light and its effect on the surrounding space. Architecture becomes thus a shell of “dynamic” surfaces of voids and fullness of light that directly derives from the material, following the creative path the lighting designer had imagined.

SIMES’ Ghost is composed of two elements: the housing and the lighting element.

  • Housing
    The housing is supplied with bolts, locking system, and stickers to be applied on the outside of the retaining panels to ensure the perfect alignment if installing multiple luminaires. The housing has two separate parts:
    • A jig which forms the exterior housing, and is extracted together with the retaining panel after completing the casting and removing the anchor screws
    • A housing that remains embedded inside the casting and houses the lighting element when the jig is removed.
  • Lighting Element
    The lighting element is die-cast aluminum and is anchored to the casing through proper screws. It remains completely hidden in the void.

Ghost for Insulation Panels

A wall-mounted signal lighting fixture. The luminous housing is installed together with the other insulating panels of polystyrene. In this way, the light is completely integrated into the insulated “shell” of the architecture without jeopardizing the thermal insulation and therefore maintain the energy efficiency rating of the building.

Ghost for insulation panel may be installed inside the exterior insulating panel. The degree of insulation of the house will stay unchanged because it is manufactured of the same type of polystyrene insulation.


The cavity is pre-finished and ready for painting. After installation, the finish of the wall will proceed as usual. Attention should be paid through to the positioning of the corrugated tube for mains electrical connection.

  1. Lay the grid, first leveling;
  2. Carve the grid at the Ghost’s cavity;
  3. Second leveling and possible whitening;
  4. At the end of the work install the lighting body.


The height of the Ghost for insulation panel is designed to take on standard AED35 (50cm) insulating blocks while the thickness (10cm) facilitates the integration in insulating panels with the same or greater thickness.

Protection class IP65
Mechanical resistance IK 10
LED's 4000K CRI80 versions are available on request.

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