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Corian® Exterior in Rue de la Confederation Renovation | Corian® Exteriors

  • Use

    Ventilated Facade
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  • Characteristics

    Resistant to impact, humidity, salt and sulfur dioxide, chemicals detergents and environmental pollutants, freeze-thaw conditions, bacteria, fungi and bacteria. Lightweight, good wind load resistance, UV stable colours, durable, low maintenance, low VOC, low flame spread.
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More about this product

The project

GAA - Guenin Atelier d'Architectures have renovated a 1970’s building on rue de la Confédération in downtown Geneva, Switzerland. The building occupies a highly strategic location visible from several important locations within the city. The architects have created a crisp, modern façade that replaces stone with a composition of anodized aluminum, glazing, and Corian® Exterior ventilated façade panels to increase natural daylight to the building interiors and to create a fresh appearance to the streetscape. The bright ‘Linen’ color of the Corian® Exterior panels contrasts with the recessive colors of the anodized aluminum and glazing panels to create a distinct graphic composition that varies with the light of the day and is accentuated by a custom lighting design at night.

Use of Corian® Exteriors

The Corian® Exterior ventilated façade increases the building’s environmental performance and allows it to comply with the current standards of energy consumption and thermal comfort. The Corian® Exterior panels are durable and resistant to atmospheric conditions and importantly for this climate, resistance to freezing and thawing. The low-maintenance, full-thickness color and ease of repair of the Corian® Exterior Panels will ensure an attractive and high-performance façade, into the future for the next chapter of this building’s life.

Corian® Exteriors

Corian® Exteriors is a ventilated façade system comprised of Corian® Exteriors panels and an invisible proprietary fixing system. The Corian® Exteriors panels are a non-porous, homogenous material composed of acrylic resin and mineral. The format of the panels allows for a large amount of design flexibility including surface texturing, patterning and engraving as well as thermoforming which can add curves, textural depth, dimension and bespoke form to the panels. The manufacture of the Corian® Exteriors panel ensures that the color runs the entire thickness so the edges are the same color as the panel.

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