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Wall Panels ALUCOBOND® naturAL | Alucobond

More about this product

ALUCOBOND naturAL wall panels amplify the natural character of aluminium to enhance the design of architectural projects. The finely textured aluminium surfaces of the series naturAL PURE scatter light for a close-up visual effect, while retaining the look and lustre of smooth aluminium from afar. NaturAL FINESSE is a subtle rapprochement to real metals without its inconvenients creating a refined metallic look. Both series are the ultimate cladding solution for achieving the sophisticated tone that your architectural vision demands. Now, your entrance, columns, and pylons can make a bold statement - without upsetting your budget.

Paläon Museum, Germany Alucobond® naturAL Reflect Holzer Kobler Architekturen: Photography by Jan Bitter

Paläon Museum, Germany Alucobond® naturAL Reflect Holzer Kobler Architekturen: Photography by Jan Bitter


  • Flatness
  • Low weight
  • Weather resistance
  • Rigidity
  • Formability
  • Recyclable

ALUCOBOND naturAL surfaces are easy to clean and care for, unlike other metal sheets (i. e. solid sheets with a briushed surface or real metals). In addition their weather resistance and corrosion behaviour are superior. Both attractive and ingenious ALUCOBOND naturAL is the ideal material to create the difference for interior and exterior architecture.
Selecting ALUCOBOND material for projects which require environmental friendly materials is literally a natural choice, since it is fully recyclable.

ALUCOBOND® brings a superior metal panel image to any project and is known for its lightweight qualities, wide range of color and finish options and the ability to form textures or curves.


Alucobond® Composition
› Aluminum facings in 0.020" nominal thickness
(interior and exterior to ensure flatness)
› Polyethylene core available in 3mm, 4mm and 6mm thicknesses (PE)
› Proprietary fire-resistant core available in 4mm thickness only (Plus)
Sheet Widths
› Standard coil coated widths 50" and 62"
› Standard anodized widths 62"
› Custom width 40"
Sheet Lengths
› Standard lengths 146” and 196”
› Custom lengths up to a maximum of 360”

Wall Panel Alucobond naturAL Rout & Return Dry Seal, Wet Seal & Rains Screen detail drawings.

Available Color Lines

ALUCOBOND® Classic colors consist of a wide range of colors currently available in inventory. These colors provide architects and designers with a color pallet capable of meeting the needs and time frames of most projects.

The ALUCOBOND® Contemporary colors provide architects and designers with colors that expand beyond our Classic color pallet. These colors aid in the inspiration behind many of today's projects by giving the imagination endless possibilities to work from. We pride ourselves in our ability to match most custom colors, and our Contemporary finishes are just scratching the surface of possibilities.

Our ALUCOBOND® naturAL colors amplify the natural beauty and character of many natural elements to enhance the design of your architectural project while maintaining the durability and lite weight properties of aluminum.

ALUCOBOND® Spectra colors are transitional finishes which celebrate the natural color shifts that occur in materials that affect everyday life; the sublet nuances and color contrasts found readily in nature, the glowing luster and sheen in modern metals and the color shifts found in today's luxury goods. Color adds fascination to the world, ALUCOBOND® Spectra colors add fascination to architectural design.

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