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Bus Station Tensile Membrane Structures | FabriTec Structures

  • Use

    Custom tensile membrane structures
  • Applications

    Bus stations
  • Characteristics

    Specially designed cables and fittings, customized, range of highly engineered membrane materials, cold-formed carbon support structures, sustainable, low maintenance

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More about this product

FabriTec Structures designs and builds tensile membrane structures for bus stations, bus terminals, and bus depots. They work with industry-leading architects, developers, general contractors, and transit authorities to produce some of the most iconic tensile membrane bus station structures around the world. FabriTec has built a variety of structures to support transit operations like awnings, covered walkways, covered entryways, porte-cochère structures for arrival and departure areas, and parking structures.

Tensile bus station fabric structures allow transit authorities to provide convenient weather protection for their customers with a modern architectural design. The scalability of FabriTec tensile fabric structures allows them to be used efficiently on projects ranging from relatively small bus stations to large central bus terminals.

At just a fraction of the weight of glass, the advanced tensile membrane materials FabriTec crafts their structures from requires minimal structural support which allows the creation of amazing, fanciful tensile membrane structures previously unimagined. FabriTec tensile membrane bus station structures provide weather protection, are low maintenance, can be designed to allow filtered daylight, and are sustainable.


FabriTec has a long history of developing tensile structure projects in both design-build and design-assist roles.

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Steel fabrication
  • Membrane and cable manufacturing
  • Project and construction management
  • Installation


  • Membrane
    • ETFE foil
    • PTFE
    • PVC fabrics
  • Support structures, cables, fittings
    • Cold-formed carbon steel

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