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3D Concrete Printing | Sika
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3D Concrete Printing | Sika

  • Use

    Construction of walls, domes, columns, prefabricated elements, benches, landscape features, facades, and more.
  • Applications

    Residential, Corporate, Retail, Commercial, Hospitality, Healthcare, Educational, Cultural, Industrial
  • Characteristics

    Lower construction costs, reduces material waste, increases productivity, allows complex designs and structures

More about this product

Cementitious 3D construction printing (3DCP) or 3D concrete printing is a form of additive manufacturing used to fabricate buildings or construction components in completely new shapes not previously possible with traditional concrete formwork.

Traditional concrete placing is the most economic construction method. If 3D concrete printing is to compete with this method, then structures need to be printed efficiently. This is precisely what Sika’s technology is designed to achieve, a time-optimized and inexpensive method with greater design flexibility.

Advantages of Sika's cementitious 3D construction printing:

  • Ultimate “form follows function” efficiency: new design possibilities to leverage optimal structural forms by combining materials and features.
  • New customized, complex designs and structures possible.
  • Lower construction costs.
  • Digitalize and industrialize your process to streamline construction and reduce material waste.
  • Improve production of higher quality elements by utilizing machine-perfect fabrication.
  • Time saving and increased productivity: automated process with less labor, no formwork and immediate setting 3D ink.


Characteristics of the 3D concrete printing system:

  • Complete support: from CAD and technical design support to material supplier for Sika-formulated ink.
  • Sika’s unique know-how: automation with pulsment process control and extrusion by the Sika MiniShot system.
  • Unique formulation of 3D mortars with setting on demand with Sika accelerators.
  • Concrete technology and mix design powered by Sika® ViscoCrete® with formulation expertise from Sika’s specialists.
  • Fully automated system to follow strength from mixing to hardening.
  • Color on demand: three dosing pumps enable quick and precise color changes.
  • Fastest speed of continuous 3D printing with the most precise technology available on the market.
  • Perfectly precise print head.
  • Capable of supplying all the technologies needed for industrial 3D concrete printing from a single source.

3D Concrete Printing

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