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Expanded Metal | POHL
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Expanded Metal | POHL

  • Use

    Exterior/interior cladding, building envelopes, ceiling cladding, sun protection, privacy screens
  • Applications

    New build, renovation
  • Characteristics

    Expanded metal panels, selection of materials/mesh types/surface treatments, durable, stable, custom options available

More about this product

POHL’s expanded metals are the system solution for individual and innovative architecture. Different types of metal meshes and surfaces mean the panels have countless potential uses.

Diamond Mesh

Name Image Finish Mesh length
POHL Wall Anodized POHL Duranize® Gold 110 mm
POHL Hidden Mill finish 250 mm
POHL Spain Powder-coated white aluminum, mirror-bright 400 mm
POHL Madison Powder coated POHL Cotto 100mm
POHL Giant Powder-coated
400 mm
POHL Desert Anodized POHL Duranize® Brass 160mm
POHL Atlanta Anodized POHL Duranize® Copper 200mm
POHL Lago Anodized POHL Duranize® Copper 62,5 mm
POHL Berlin Powder-coated POHL Ten Dark 400 mm
POHL Ohio Anodized POHL Duranize® Midbronze 100 mm
POHL Plane Anodized POHL Duranize® Bronze Light 62,5 mm

Trapeze Mesh

Name Image Finish Mesh Length
POHL Canvas II Canvas II Expanded Metal | POHL Anodized POHL Duranize® Silver 300 mm
POHL Line Line Expanded Metal | POHL Powder-coated POHL Ten Light 100 mm
POHL Miami Miami Expanded Metal | POHL Anodized POHL Duranize® Brass 200 mm
POHL Stripe Stripe Expanded Metal | POHL Anodized POHL Duranize® Bronze Light 160mm
POHL Milan Milan Expanded Metal | POHL Powder-coated Perlbeige 150 mm
POHL Meridian Meridian Expanded Metal | POHL Anodized POHL Duranize® Midbronze 350 mm
POHL Hurricane Hurricane Expanded Metal | POHL Powder-coated "Blood-Orange" 400 mm

Other Mesh Types

Name Image Mesh Type Finish Mesh Length
POHL Quadro Quadro Expanded Metal | POHL Square mesh Mill Finish 16 mm
POHL Monsoon Monsoon Expanded Metal | POHL Round hole mesh Powder-coated "Ruby-Red" 400 mm

The types of metal mesh and surfaces pictured here are a selection of POHL expanded meshes. Other types of mesh and colors are available on request. All mesh types can be combined with other POHL surfaces on request.

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