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Graphic Interlayers | Galaxy Glass & Stone

  • Use

    Interior walls
  • Applications

    Corporate, hospitality, retail, healthcare, museums, residential
  • Characteristics

    Zero VOC's, environmentally friendly, custom design, choice from artwork library
  • Certification

    Can provide documentation for USGBC, helps to achieve LEED certification

More about this product

Galaxy® Glass & Stone is a purveyor of custom glass, metal and stone services, they produce decorative glass that can be customized with any digital art file. Galaxy will print the file onto photo-quality film, either translucent or clear, and laminate it between two lights of UltraClear Glass.

The Galaxy + Level Design Collection offers artwork to be encapsulated in Architectural Decorative Glass by Galaxy® Glass & Stone. This pairing offers endless choices combined with custom-designed architectural decorative glass.

Product Types

  • Stipple Vinyl + WallMax®
  • Smooth Vinyl + Spot Gloss
  • Smooth Vinyl + WallFX® + WallMax®
  • Smooth Silver Vinyl
  • Smooth Silver Vinyl + Spot Gloss

The Level Team

The Level team are experts in the use of digital print technology for the commercial wallcoverings market. The heart of the Level program is its growing library of designs. from the Level team of stylists and designers, who combine years of experience with fresh ideas and new outlooks on commercial wallcoverings.

Printers & Inks

Level wallcoverings are printed using the latest advancements in UV-based and latex-based inks on high-speed, large format digital presses. Galaxy® Glass & Stone maintains a close relationship with hardware and ink suppliers, cooperating in R&D to improve the durability and applicability of their products.

Substrates & Laminates

Galaxy® Glass & Stone can print design on an ever-growing list of materials including Type II vinyl, commercial wallpaper, window films, laminates, rigid materials, and more. Many materials feature environmentally friendly attributes. Optional liquid laminate top-coats can provide additional durability and abrasion resistance.


Choose from the Level Design Collection or customize: Galaxy® Glass & Stone can provide custom design & color; custom size & scale. Or they can create a new design tailored to a specific project.

Level products are a combination of design, color, material, inks, and coating:

  • Customize color
  • Change the text of a word wall
  • Change the material on which the design is printed
  • Adapt design to become a repeating pattern
  • Custom overlay or combine artwork
  • Customize white or gloss inks or the use of WallFX®

Scaling, sizing, & cropping a design to specification is an inherent part of the ordering process for all Level Design Standards and are therefore not considered customizations.

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