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Glass Enclosures | Galaxy Glass & Stone

  • Use

  • Applications

    Hospitality, residential, commercial
  • Characteristics

    Zero VOC's, environmentally friendly, custom manufacture, can be specified frameless
  • Certification

    Can provide documentation for USGBC, helps to achieve LEED certification

More about this product

Galaxy® Glass & Stone is a purveyor of custom glass, metal and stone services, they fabricate and install premium quality toilet and shower enclosures in upscale residential, commercial, and hospitality applications. Almost any of their custom glass products can be utilized in a frameless door system. When a more traditionally designed enclosure is required, Galaxy's custom-framed enclosures are fabricated with hand-machined bronze frames, plated in custom finishes, and assembled on-site.

Environmental Responsibility

Galaxy® Glass & Stone doesn't use harsh chemicals and paints often found in the industry, instead, they have sourced environmentally friendly alternatives. Their manufacturing processes utilize coatings with zero VOCs and many of the machines run on natural gas. The company is experienced in providing the required documentation for the USGBC.

Galaxy® Glass & Stone glass products have helped clients achieve LEED certification for numerous projects. Glass factories typically produce a large amount of waste. By donating glass scraps and offcuts to local glass artisans, Galaxy can divert thousands of pounds of waste each year.

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