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Secondary Finishes for Wire Mesh | Banker Wire

  • Use

    Interior/exterior finish options for wire mesh
  • Applications

    Decorative railings, millwork & cladding, fences & enclosures, furniture, partitions, displays, custom ceilings, canopies, parking garages, restoration projects
  • Characteristics

    Customizable, durable, sustainable, bright colors can be applied, improves corrosion resistance, options for pre and post fabrication
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More about this product

Banker Wire manufactures coarse, pre-crimped woven wire mesh in a range spacing and patterns. Banker Wire has researched a number of secondary finish processes that work well with woven and welded wire meshes. Since different materials react to varying local environments, such as bare steel rusting in wet conditions, appropriate finishes for interior and exterior applications should be considered. Many secondary finishes can be applied to help achieve the desired color, reflectivity, or corrosion resistance characteristics required.

Banker Wire manufactures all of its products in a bare, mill finished condition. Whilst bare wire always complies with high-expectations for quality and consistency, it should be noted that at times there may be subtle, varying degrees of light and dark shading in smooth, diamond drawn wire and the base material may be affected by corrosion over time. Banker Wire can assist in the early design stages to identify the appropriate raw materials and a secondary finish to establish a specification needed to satisfy the desired final performance and aesthetic.

Decorative Plating
Interior finish for steel

Decorative plating is an electrodeposition process where a thin layer of brass, nickel, chrome, or copper is deposited on the wire mesh surface in a tank-dipped procedure. The antique plated finish process introduces a dark oxide layer over top of the bright plated alloy. The antique finishes undergo an abrasion process by hand to relieve the brighter alloy underneath the darker oxidized layer. A thin layer of lacquer is applied after plating to help preserve the finish from further tarnishing.

Satin Brass Plated | Banker Wire undefined undefined
Satin Brass Plated Antique Brass Plated Antique Copper Plated
Black Copper Plated | Banker Wire undefined
Black Copper Plated Antique Nickel Plated

Physical Vapor Deposition
Interior/exterior finish for stainless steel

PVD is a highly controlled process that utilizes a vacuum chamber to create and deposit metallic vapor onto a target surface. Using various titanium nitride, carbide and dioxide compounds, a vast range of brilliant metallic color can be created and applied to stainless steel wire mesh.

Benefits include:

  • Wear and scratch resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Can be applied after fabrication
  • Can be 100% recycled as stainless steel
  • Wide range of color options with custom matches possible
  • Color will never tarnish or patina
Royal Gold Gun Metal Champagne
Rose Gold Chocolate

US10B and US10A Finishes
Interior finish for bronze, brass, or copper

Banker Wire weaves all copper-based alloys in a natural “mill finish”, “bare” condition. A secondary process must be introduced if the desired final finish is to be preserved in either a darkened (US10B) or satin (US10A) appearance. Without the lacquer, the wire mesh would continue to change dependent on its environmental surroundings.

  • US10B
    The US10B finish darkens the metal and is followed by a clear lacquer top-coat
  • US10A
    The US10A finish physically removes the tarnish from the top layer of metal and seals it with a clear lacquer topcoat

US10A and US10B are not coatings; they are transformations of the existing base metal finish performed using a batch process. Deviations of color are inherent in these processes from job to job.

US10 A US10 B

Powder Coating
Interior finish for steel, exterior finish for pre-galvanized steel

Powder coating is a cost-effective way to add an unlimited range of colors to wire mesh. Powder coating uses an electrostatic charge to attract a fluidized powder evenly across all surfaces of the wire mesh. The electrostatic charge holds the pigmented powder until it passes through an oven where it melts and adheres permanently to the wire mesh.

FPZ-31 pattern shown in various powder coat color options S-12 pattern shown in various powder coat options High gloss red powder coated woven wire mesh
High gloss black vs low gloss black powder coat Black and white powder coat Copper Vein powder coat finish
Prismatic Oil Rubbed Bronze powder coat finish

Passivation of Stainless Steel
Exterior finish for steel

Passivation is highly recommended for stainless steel exterior applications. Passivation ensures all "free iron" contaminates have been removed and strengthens the naturally occurring passive oxide layer. The chromium content in stainless steel combines with oxygen to create a natural passive chromium oxide layer. This chromium oxide layer protects the material from further corrosion. A nitric or citric acid process (passivation) enhances the formation of this oxide layer allowing the stainless steel surfaces to be in an optimal “passive” state.

Hot dipped galvanizing
Interior/exterior finish for steel

Hot dipped galvanizing is a process where bare steel is submerged into a tank of molten zinc. The molten zinc covers all surfaces of the wire mesh and provides a long-lasting sacrificial layer that protects the steel from corrosion in the harshest conditions. Wire mesh that is hot dipped galvanized will last for decades and the zinc coating provides a superior, maintenance-free condition. Hot dipped galvanizing should only be done once all welding, cutting, or grinding has been completed.

Hot-dip galvanizing after assembly

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