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Premium Wood Doors | Minimal USA

  • Use

    Doors and furniture
  • Applications

    Doors, cabinets and countertops
  • Characteristics

    Strong as solid wood whilst still maintaining a light weight

More about this product

Minimal USA has introduced wood doors with veneers thick enough (4 millimeters = 0.15 inches) to be used as countertops, making the cabinets as strong as solid wood whilst still maintaining a light weight and eliminating any chance of warping. The new veneers, significantly stronger than those used by competition, come in a multitude of different woods and can be custom finished to match the customer's preferences.

This, together with other innovations, are a testament to Minimal USA’s continuous research & development efforts aimed at offering the latest technological innovations together with their cutting edge design. Minimal designs do not have to be cold and the use of these prestigious woods is often used to warm up any environment.

To get more information about our New Premium Wood Doors, please read the relative post on our blog.

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