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UNITS Bathroom | Minimal USA


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Minimal USA’s dedication to combining advanced materials with high-end projects extends beyond kitchen design to complement its own tried and tested mix of luxury, functionality and sustainability. Precision and efficiency underlie perfection in interior design, creating environments that are not purely spaces in themselves, but a connection of sensory experience and delicacy. The Minimal USA design system now completes this connection.

UNITS Bathroom - Vanity Front View

UNITS Bathroom - Vanity Front View

The bathroom layout confirms Minimal USA brand values through contemporary technical and ergonomic precision and flexibility. The core of this advanced collection is the extension of its values to a new sphere that strengthens an already extraordinary customisability.

UNITS Bathroom - Detail of the Drawers with 45° edges and Vertical Groove

UNITS Bathroom - Detail of the Drawers with 45° edges and Vertical Groove

Features and Specifications:

- Tactile Walnut doors, 29mm (1.14”) thick with 45° top and side edge.

- Interiors and drawers in tactile walnut, sunken Quarzite top, 30mm (1.18”) thick with 45° mitered edges.

- Vertical groove and 3/4" kickplate.

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