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Wood Cladding - Linear Module | Gustafs
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Wood Cladding - Linear Module | Gustafs

  • Use

    Interior acoustic cladding
  • Applications

    Commercial, cultural, hospitality, residential
  • Characteristics

    Acoustic properties, non-flammable, sustainable, pre-assembled, solid wood, customizable finish and spacing
  • Sizes

    Ceiling Modules: 600 x 1190 mm | Wall Modules: 600 x 2400 mm | Other dimensions available on request

More about this product

Gustafs Linear Modules come fully assembled and ready to use, including the acoustic felt. The Module system provides quick, user-friendly and con­cealed installations and a modern linear look in solid wood. A look that can be adapted to specification when it comes to the rib dimension and the ­spacing in between them, and also the type of wood and wood treatment.


Core & Surface Finish Modules are available in species of solid wood and can be treated with a lacquered, stained, oiled or painted finish.
Acoustics Open area and sound absorption depend on the design.
Reaction to Fire The solid wood in Gustafs modules can be impregnated to classification B-s1,d0.


  • Ceiling Installation - Free Suspended
    The ceiling modules come ready to use including an acoustic felt and are easily suspended from the integral M6 connection points.
    Module Free Suspension - Portrait 20x45 | Gustafs
    Module Free Suspension - Landscape 45x20 | Gustafs
  • Ceiling Installation - T24 Suspension
    Modules designed for Gustafs Capax T24 Ceiling Grid have a semi-concealed and fully demountable installation system.
    Linear Module | Gustafs Linear Module | Gustafs
    Portrait Landscape
  • Wall Installation
    The Linear modules for walls come fully assembled and equipped with an acoustic felt. The modules are hung from hook-shaped battens and once in place secured by a screw. The screw will be hidden behind the acoustic felt, using an overlap principle.
    Linear Module | Gustafs Linear Module | Gustafs
    Portrait Landscape

Surface Design

Gustafs Linear Modules offer many possibilities to create environments with the highest demands for design and appearance.

  • Lacquered surface
    A clear lacquered finish is by far the most common maintenance-free and durable finish for wooden surfaces. Utilizing a multi-stage UV-lacquering process, technical ­aspects are retained, such as fire retardation and environmental benefits. The lacquer is a multi-layer UV-cured process that is available in a range of gloss finishes.
  • Pigmented surface
    A pigment can be used to change the color tone on the Modules.
  • Stained surface
    Staining the module can achieve different effects on your wall or ceiling. Different wood reacts differently to certain treatments.
  • Painted surface
    The Modules have a plane and even surface. This enables a painted surface finish with the wooden texture visible on the surface.
  • Printed surface
    A print can be applied directly on the module surface. Each module can be designed in a completely unique way. Design module by module or spread graphics over several modules with a seamless transference.
  • Oiled surface
    Oiled Module top finish creates a matte and beautiful finish on wooden surfaces.


To aid design, CAD/BIM Downloads are available for cladding materials

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